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TimeMIT Medical boosts planning efficiency, improves accuracy and helps your department save time and budget. With TimeMIT Medical you avoid planning errors and shorten response times to changes. This allows you to optimize your staff utilization and helps you avoid unnecessary and costly spare capacity.

Unlike other planning tools TimeMIT Medical gives you a choice of different user roles and two user interfaces optimized for planning, communication, management or admin functions. This results in a short learning curve and straightforward use.

In one place:
• Know exactly which sessions and shifts require staff assignments
• Select staff, filtered and ranked by availability, specialization, and preferences
• Choose the level of scheduling detail from daily, weekly, monthly and annual plans
• Keep counts of incomplete assignments to guarantee complete coverage of operating theatres
• View past staff assignments for balanced shift allocation
• View planning data, edit or add assignment and approve or reject requests based on user authorizations

At your fingertips;
• Easy to follow labels, icons and color-coding with the intuitive user interface
• Import session and staff information directly from hospital management and HR systems and export actual hours worked to payroll systems
• Avoid confusion and scheduling errors with alerts and in-built planning rules
• Keep staff up-to-date with the mobile version of TimeMIT Medical
• Check, plan and demonstrate compliance, assisted by powerful reporting options
• Easy-to-use Shift Scheduling

At any time:
• Add, change and update as required and authorized
• Apply different staff roles for doctors, residents, trainees, mentors
• Use the optional working hour and overtime registration
• Share your planning on-line, as a PDF or as a printout
• Utilise either the desktop or handheld versions, to suit you and your staff’s needs and preferences


On your PC

All functionality bundled to let you:
· Assess outstanding planning requirements.
· Assign medical staff to sessions and shifts.
· Review and approve leave/vacation requests.
· View and manage personnel records.
· Generate status reports and counts.
· Perform capacity planning.


· Embed TimeMIT Medical in your hospital’s application software landscape with the available connectors.
· Synchronize TimeMIT Medical with your EPD and HR systems for efficiency and accuracy.

Single Platform

. Deploy and administer one instance for all departments.
. Configure each department in TimeMIT Medical for applicable functionality and individual departmental planning parameters.

On the go

Easy access on your phone and tablet to:
· Access day and week planning overviews.
· Get up-to-date planning assignments.
· Acknowledge assigned shifts.
· Enter and process shift swaps.
· Enter your request for leave or vacation.
· Check your own personnel record.

Hosting Solutions

TimeMIT Medical is optimized to run as Software-as-a-Service.
You can choose to deploy
· On-Premises.
· In the Cloud.

Fast deployment

· Benefit from efficient templated implementations.
· We help migrate all your historical and current planning data.
· Consulting and implementation support available from MMIT.


Click on an image below to see some of TimeMIT Medical's features. Do you like what you see and would you like to learn more? Then go to the contacts page to submit your request for information.

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For managers

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TIMEMIT MEDICAL how we got here

In 2016, MMIT, a data management consultancy and service provider, learned from the Academic Medical Centre (AMC), that hospital staff planning, scheduling and reporting had become overly complex and time consuming. This is when our partnership with AMC’s anesthesiology department started.

We set out to address AMC’s challenges caused by disparate and outdated departmental planning systems. A great deal of required information was still being processed manually. Among the manual tasks were transferring operating theatre schedules, assigning required staff, sharing planning data and keeping up with a constant stream of modifications to operating theatre schedules, working schedules, staff availability and resident’s training requirements.

We developed TimeMIT Medical to allow staff, planners, managers and others to access planning information anywhere, at any time, from their desktop computers or hand-held devices.

The Oracle Apex platform was selected to provide a robust and secure foundation, offering a choice of Cloud, hosted or on-premises solutions. It also ensures integrity, scalability, and availability.

The API that we developed enables TimeMit Medical to be connected to Hospital Information and HR systems. This removes manual and error-prone issues associated with copying schedule and personal data and replaces it with both the scheduled and ad-hoc import and export of key information.

TimeMIT Medical – in use

Planners and managers are now assisted in day-to-day planning via a clear user interface and dashboards that display all session, shift and up-to-date staff information, taking the guesswork out of planning and avoiding errors.

Assignments, operation sessions and shifts can all be shared via the application, email and printed schedules. Configurable features such as shift acknowledgement keep planners and managers updated of staff awareness. Changes to schedules and assignments, or staff pools are seen immediately guaranteeing that planners have complete coverage while minimizing the chances of over-staffing.

AMC’s different planner, manager and generic staff user roles have been matched with TimeMIT Medical’s configurable user roles providing maximum planning performance while also ensuring full governance. Any planning, changing and reporting in TimeMIT Medical is controlled by user authorization with audit trailing and logging enabling managers to check, find and rectify anomalies quickly and efficiently.

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